Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

Unlike translation, interpreting is based on the full understanding and oral translation of a speech in several forms: consecutive (with or without note taking), simultaneous (in a booth) or whispered (chuchotage), according to several aspects, such as the type of venue, linguistic needs, technical aspects and time.

In order to provide a proper interpretation, in addition to fluency and mental agility, it is necessary to perform a complete research prior to the event, including elements such as the subject of the conference or meeting, the speaker, the audience, specific terms and other variables related to the subject, in order to provide a clear speech, consistent with the context, bearing in mind fluency and an adequate pace.

As an interpreter, I truly believe in the importance of having an increasing cultural background and of keeping up to date with national and international events in all possible fields in all my work languages, so to faithfully pass on information and intention of the speaker to the audience.