Without translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence”. George Steiner

Translation is not limited to the technical or grammatical aspects of a certain language, but it is focused on nuances. A good translation introduces cultural, linguistic and conceptual elements, hence providing a sense of reading an original text, written in that language and including proper contextual references.

In order to deliver a good translation, even though nowadays we can rely on thousands of technological tools in addition to the traditional resources, , it is necessary to perform a personal and targeted information research within the document’s context, to possess an endless curiosity on a wide variety of subjects and to join specialized courses on a constant basis, as this will enrich the final product, provide it with fluency and turn reading into a positive experience.

My fields of expertise include the following: Journalism and Media communication, Art & Culture, Cinematography and TV, Travel & Tourism, Education, European Union and Energy sector.